Houses Help Program

At Fair Home Offers, we take pride in our dedication to our community. Having lived and worked in the Northeast Florida region for years, we have become committed to making a positive impact throughout the area. When we buy houses, we aim to add value to the property and meet the needs of the various communities before returning it to the market. Increasing the value of a home increases the value of the neighborhood, and everyone benefits. We like that.

While we are proud of the work we have put into our community, we felt that we could be doing more. We believed that we could be giving back to our neighbors on a much larger scale. That’s why we have decided to donate up to $1,000 to various charities and churches throughout the area for each sale that we close.

How do we choose which charity we donate to? Well, that’s where you come in. If we buy your house, we let you decide where the donation goes.

For years, we have devoted ourselves to improving the cities in which we live by providing fair offers, adding value to properties, and matching the needs of the neighborhoods in which we buy. We hope you’ll be part of our goal to impact the area by helping us choose a charity or church to donate to when we buy your home.